Quality, Quality, Quality

We supply German Windows and Doors direct from the factory at unbeatable prices.  German Windows and Doors are about design, quality, value and functionality seamlessly blended together.  Our high Quality and value is at the root of their popularity, German Windows and Doors will last, the handels won’t lose in after a couple of years on.  Our UPVC Windows and Doors  are specifically ordered for your home.  Our customer buy with confidence because they know that the streamlined manufacturing processes guarantee a quality Window and Doors at an affordable price every time.

Leaving The Cold Outside

Building Regulations Part L 2010 contains even stricter stipulations for heat insulation. The average U value (unit of heat loss) of a building structure must now lie under 1.8 W/m²K for residential housing. Our windows have a maximum U value of 1.1W /m²K.

Our doule glazing windows offers both optimum heat insulation and high light permeability. Energy is gained passively from sunlight passing through the glazing units. The glazed areas are also highly light-permeable.

Your Safety

The weakest point of a building is often its glazed areas. Around 42% of all forced entries involve breaking glass.  So window areas are the logical place to start when considering protective measures. Our MULTIPACT glazing elements offer clear-as-day security. Since burglars are in a hurry, their attempt to force an entry is usually abandoned when they encounter unexpected resistance. We are using only the best qua;ity  components and German precision manufacturing with highest German security standard for your Safety.